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A powerful ritual of self-hypnosis and positive affirmations to get rid of your limiting beliefs and realize your full potential. Made by experts in hypnosis & neuroscience.

Create your reality


Believe in yourself deep down

"I'll never make it", "I can't", "It won't work"...

Self-hypnosis is an extraordinary technique for dislodging entrenched negative programming and regaining confidence and positivity.

Reprogram your subconscious

90% of your life is driven by your subconscious "programs", which are acquired and reinforced from childhood.since childhood.​ Our team of hypnosis and neuroscience experts have developed the first positive reprogramming experiment.

Get rid of your limiting beliefs and regain power over your life!





Choose your most important goal

Love, career, health, finances, social relationships… find your confidence to move forward in all these!

Listen 7 min at bedtime for 21 days

Bedtime is when your brain is ripe for positive suggestions

Boost your effects

With various additional sessions (from 1 min to 7 hours!), and personalized positive affirmations


A complete experience awaits:

Programs for 15 min x 21 days

Personal / professional themes

Positive affirmations

Complimentary boosts from 3min to 7h

Female / male voices

Sound therapy

Offline listening


Try our e-book & initial session free

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as well as an initial session:
"How to identify your limiting beliefs and free yourself from them"


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Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.

Earl Nightingale

What our users have to say:


Leo, 38 years old


I go to bed every night listening to Deep Belief! It's a ritual that's objectively been bringing me more and more in life. I'm freer, more creative and more effective in everything I do. I've managed to make progress on all my goals, and even received all the funding I needed for my venture! I just know it's all thanks to Deep Belief.


Katya, 27 years old


I've always felt like I've lacked self-confidence, that I'm unlucky, that I've never attracted the right kind of guys… When I realized that this was 'cause of my limiting beliefs, I was super interested in this whole topic. And after two months of listening to Deep Belief consistently, I've really seen the difference in all my daily situations. So many negative beliefs are being removed from me little by little, especially in love!


Audrey, 34 years old


I absolutely LOVE this concept, it's genuinely powerful! Deep Belief has given me the vision my life was lacking before. I've discovered this whole world of positive reprogramming, and it's as if I've finally connected with THE key to self-fulfillment!

limiting beliefs

... And take power over your life!
Watch our 2022 promotional video, which uses humor to address the serious and universal topic of limiting beliefs. (FR only, EN coming soon

The books that inspired us


"The Biology of Beliefs"

Dr. Bruce Lipton


"The Brain That Changes Itself"

 Dr Norman Doidge


"The Spontaneous Healing of Beliefs"

Gregg Braden

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