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What is a limiting belief ?

A limiting belief is a psychic obstacle that prevents you from achieving your goals and fulfilling yourself, both personally and professionally. The most widespread are for example "I can't", "I do not deserve to be loved", "I have no luck in life", "I am not able to …”, “I will never have this”…

These beliefs are polluting because they bring a negative and discouraging lens to view reality, but it is essential to remember that they do not constitute reality, they only come from your own mind.

Lurking in the shadows of our brain, and often developed during childhood, limiting beliefs are therefore part of the daily brakes that prevent you from undertaking new things, believing in yourself, being positive, attracting good opportunities… Thus, these limiting beliefs actually prevent you from reaching your full potential in your personal and professional life.

Nothing is more powerful than a belief, because a belief will affect your state of mind, your perceptions of reality, therefore your attitude to the world… And therefore all the situations that you manifest on a daily basis. There is evidence that mental reprogramming can replace limiting beliefs with success beliefs.

What are the origins of limiting beliefs ?

Limiting beliefs are built and anchored very early in your life as an individual, mainly during childhood (before the age of 7).

They do not belong to you, they have been transmitted by your environment, in particular by those around you (parents have an important role in the constitution of the system of beliefs), your education, your culture... At a time when your brain was particularly receptive and plastic to all learning.

Your brain has thus appropriated what others have projected onto you, what you have heard, to make it a constituent and structuring element of your development and your relationship to the world and to yourself.

If in adulthood you realize that you have not completely achieved your goals, that you have repetitive blocking patterns, you can work on yourself in order to "repair" certain negative learning acquired during childhood. This is the principle of positive reprogramming.

What is the difference between conscious and subconscious ?


The conscious mind is a so-called “creative” mind that includes all of your conscious thoughts, your conscious desires. It governs about 10% of your overall functioning. It's what speaks when you consciously think "I would like to be happier", "I want this house", "I am in love with such a person", "I want this career"... But, be careful, if your subconscious is out of sync with your conscious mind, you will find it very difficult to move quickly in the desired direction. Because it is the subconscious that controls the majority of events that occur in your life, from your automatic physiological mechanisms such as breathing... to your automatic relational and behavioral mechanisms.


So what is the subconscious, and how does it work?

The subconscious is a much more instinctive and intuitive mind. It is it that controls 90% of all life experiences that you "attract" to you without even knowing it. So, your subconscious can be a powerful ally in your success and your accomplishment, or a powerful blocking mechanism, depending on the quality of your "programming".

Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious (meaning literally “under the conscious”) is a mind of deep habits and beliefs. It is a so-called "programmed" spirit which acts as a powerful autopilot, with implacable logic, like a computer. The programs acquired come from the conscious subject themself/others (parents, teachers, society in general). If your deep beliefs are negative beliefs about yourself, your subconscious works like a computer that applies the programs it has acquired in a "silly and mean" way. If you believe deep down that you won't get this, that you don't deserve this... Your subconscious mind will manifest in your physical reality and in the form of perceptions, attitudes, events (and sometimes even illnesses) your negative thought patterns. If, on the contrary, you deeply reinforce your self-esteem, your belief in your infinite potential, in your success, you will inevitably see change in your daily situations, and therefore your life.


Can the subconscious  really be reprogrammed?


The subconscious brings together your intuitions, your experiences and learnings, your deep beliefs (limiting or motivating) and your anchored fears. Unlike the conscious mind, which is a so-called "creative" mind, the subconscious is a so-called "programmed" mind since childhood, which controls 90% of your life like a powerful autopilot, to guide you towards this or that type of situation.

It is possible to reprogram your subconscious with beliefs of success, to improve all of your perceptions, your attitudes (and even the imperceptible signals that you emit), and develop what is called the energy of success.

The brain actually works like a computer, constantly downloading information, synthesizing it and creating an optimal cognitive and behavioral system.

Today, neurosciences and cognitive sciences prove that reality is above all "a perception of reality", and that an individual who believes in himself, who carries deep convictions within him, is more apt to develop positive, and naturally achieve goals. Great athletes, politicians, movie celebrities, great leaders, use techniques of mental reprogramming, in particular based on the principle of visualization.

The audio, consisting of repeated positive affirmations and specific sound therapy, has a real impact in helping you create new synaptic pathways, and reprogram your mind with beliefs of success.


Why is it optimal to listen at bedtime ?


At bedtime, your whole body prepares for rest and your state of consciousness changes. Especially if you are lying down, and you allow yourself to relax.

When your state of consciousness is less active than during the day, your brain emits “Theta” brain waves that put you in a state very close to hypnosis (or even childhood). Bedtime is therefore optimal for receiving messages in a profound way, without the filter of consciousness. Sleep will be all the more reconstructive.

Here are two extremely famous quotes:

« Never go to bed without asking your subconscious mind.- Thomas Edison (scientist and inventor of the light bulb)

“Your subconscious works all the time, while you're awake, and while you sleep. »- Napoleon Hill (author and success science researcher)


*Nota bene: The moment of awakening is also a favorable moment, and if you like to wake up gently you can also practice in the morning.

What are theta  waves?

At all hours of the day and night, you emit what are called "brain waves".

Theta waves have a fairly low frequency of 4 to 7 Hertz and are linked to intuition. It is a repository for memory, emotions and sensations. 

Theta waves have a particular power, they participate in a state of deep relaxation much used in hypnosis, and an immense receptivity to new learning, therefore to new programming.

Theta rhythm allows us to access the subconscious. 

Children between 0 and 7 years old, for example, mainly emit low frequency Theta (and Delta) waves. It is for this reason that children have an immense capacity for learning and "neural programming". Children are extremely receptive to their environment, absorbing information in a sort of permanent state of hypnosis, and adopting the behavior and beliefs of those around them with disconcerting ease and naturalness.

By immersing yourself in a Theta wave brain state, you enhance your ability to connect directly with your subconscious mind, reprogram thought patterns, increase your overall vibrational frequency, and improve your energy._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Are the changes permanent ?

The 21-day period is the minimum recommended period to create new neural pathways and implant a set of new "habits of thought" (and beliefs are nothing more than habits of thought). But the more you practice, the more exceptional your results will be.

The first short-term changes develop in the first 21 days of listening, which serve as a sort of preliminary cleanup. Long term changes happen with regular practice. This is why we advise any ambitious and enlightened person to introduce this powerful routine into everyday life, and to listen to your favorite programs again as soon as you feel the need, in positive reinforcement.


Once you have succeeded in creating new neural pathways that bring a better state of balance and harmony, these pathways are permanent and can become dominant. Some people will create these neural pathways very quickly (within days), others will take a little longer. It is according to your level of investment in the session and your level of personal development elsewhere.

The natural tendency of the brain is to function at its best, in a state of balance and coherence. Thus, as soon as you have created new neural and synaptic pathways, the brain will naturally continue to develop these new networks, and abandon the old, less efficient ones.


What happens if I forget to listen one day or several days in a row ?

We recommend you to cintinue, with a minimum duration of 21 days to optimally benefit from the effects of repetition, and to create new synaptic pathways/thought habits. If you forget to listen to a day or several days, no sweat, you don't lose the effects of the previous sessions! Just get back on track, and do not hesitate to double the listening (replay) to catch up on the days of forgetting. The principle is simple, the more you practice, the more you listen, the more your subconscious will absorb positive information and reprogram itself in depth. Don't be hard on yourself, the key is to gradually develop new habits of thought, and establish a powerful mental and spiritual routine.

Can I listen again to reinforce the results ?

You can listen to this program several times a year. The duration of 21 days is the minimum recommended duration, however the more you listen the more you will reinforce the effects of the program.

If I fall asleep while listening, do I still benefit from the effects?

Yes, absolutely!

You can completely fall asleep, because your subconscious works at all hours of the day and night, and allows itself to be penetrated all the more effectively since there is no filter of consciousness.


"Your subconscious works all the time, while you're awake, and while you sleep. »- Napoleon Hill (author and success science researcher)


We recommend listening at bedtime, every night for a minimum of 21 days.

And the more you practice, the more you reinforce the results in the long term (and the results will be really excellent if you manage to maintain this routine). Thus, you can also listen again during the day as positive reinforcement if you feel the need, especially in the morning when you wake up, with your headphones while you are getting ready. It is a weapon useful "for life".

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